Custom NetBox Development

Project-based work to extend your NetBox deployment


Custom Scripts

Custom scripts allow you to automate tasks directly within the NetBox UI. Our team can take your requirements and deliver a custom script to save you hours of valuable time. Some example use cases for custom scripts include:

  • Create a new site and automatically populate it with devices and prefixes
  • Update the status of all devices matching a certain condition
  • Renumber an entire site to a new prefix
  • Replicate objects from an external system in NetBox
  • Reassign interfaces in bulk from one VLAN to another

Custom Reports

Unlock powerful validation and reporting functionality with custom reports, a cornerstone of ensuring the integrity of your network’s source of truth. Some common use cases for reports include:

  • Checking for misconfigured interfaces or connections
  • Running detailed IP utilization reports
  • Ensuring all devices meet minimum standards
  • Checking for missing out-of-band connections
  • Validating all IP addresses within a site

NetBox Plugins

The pinnacle of NetBox customization, plugins let you extend the application itself with your own custom functionality. A plugin integrates with the NetBox UI and REST API to extend the data model, provide additional views, automate tasks – pretty much anything you can think of! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll come up with a proposed implementation.

Because plugins extend the existing NetBox UI, turnaround is typically fast: on the order of weeks, not months. (Of course, this varies depending on the scope.)

Frequently Asked Questions

All custom development work is quoted on a project basis, after working with the customer to draft a detailed statement of work.

Unfortunately, we are not able to partner or enter into agreements with any third parties. The scope of our custom development contracts are necessarily limited to commitments to the direct customer only.

If you would like to bring in NetVerity as part of a larger project, we’ll be happy to help determine a specific scope and set of deliverables that we can tackle in support of this effort.