NetVerity, LLC is a new venture dedicated specifically to providing commercial support and custom development services for NetBox. Our goal is to be your go-to team for anything and everything NetBox. Whether you need help getting up and running with a new deployment, or need some custom extensions implemented, or just want someone to lean on for bug fixes and guidance, we’re here for you.

Our motivation for launching NetVerity is three-fold.

#1: Address the growing need for commercial NetBox support

As an open source application, NetBox offers flexibility and freedom not found in its closed-source competitors. For years, the downside to this freedom has been the lack of a robust, accessible commercial support offering. Today, NetVerity fills that void, allowing organizations to have the best of both worlds: An open source application immune to vendor lock-in coupled with affordable expert support to safeguard the integrity of their network’s source of truth.

In addition to recurring support, NetVerity also provides custom development services for NetBox extensions and plugins. This allows organizations to customize and extend NetBox to suit their needs quickly, without sinking days or weeks into niche development.

#2: Establish reliable commercial backing for the open source project

Although NetBox has had commercial sponsors in the past, namely DigitalOcean and Network to Code, these arrangements have been incidental and fleeting. For the first time in its history, NetBox will have permanent commercial backing from an enterprise dedicated to its success. As we grow, our hope is to hire additional developers to work on NetBox full-time and tackle long-term milestones – something that’s never before been feasible.

#3: Foster a diverse customer base to help steer NetBox’s long-term development

One of the most frustrating aspects of running an open source project is the difficulty in gauging the needs of its users. While you might not assume this would be difficult, given the ability of any user to submit a feature request, there is an inherent absence of negative confirmation. (That is, people seldom take the time to tell you what they don’t need.) Another challenge is the ephemeral nature of feedback cycles with anonymous users, who appear and disappear seemingly at random.

An established customer base comprising organizations both large and small, across various industries, and with markedly distinct use cases affords the opportunity for disciplined assessment of limitations in the product as well as identification of emerging industry trends. Additionally, having access to diverse real-world customer data (now secured by legal agreement) is sure to be a boon for testing and bug fixes.

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