One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “How can I test out NetBox quickly?” While NetBox is fairly straightforward to get up and running by following the documented installation process, many people don’t have the necessary familiarity with the components involved to feel comfortable doing so. The community Docker image of NetBox offers an alternative approach, but comes with its own set of challenges.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve sponsored a new one-click NetBox image on DigitalOcean’s application marketplace. The image essentially works as a snapshot, allowing the user to deploy a new droplet of any size and in any region with NetBox installed and running on first boot. All you need to get started is a DigitalOcean account.

You can find the one-click image here.

The NetBox web UI will be accessible as soon as the droplet finishes booting, but there are a couple things you probably want to take care of before jumping in.

First, you’ll need to create a superuser account that you can use to log in. Start by SSHing into your new droplet, where you’ll be greeted with an informational welcome message. Create a superuser account by issuing the commands as directed:

source /opt/netbox/venv/bin/activate
python /opt/netbox/netbox/ createsuperuser

Now you’ll be able to log into the web UI using the credentials you specify.

You might also want to replace the self-signed TLS certificate with one issued by Let’s Encrypt. To do this, first update the server_name parameter in the nginx configuration file at /etc/nginx/sites-available/netbox to reference your actual domain name. Then, create A/AAAA records for that domain pointing to your NetBox droplet. (Your DNS doesn’t need to be hosted on DigitalOcean.) Finally, run certbot to retrieve a new certificate and key:

sudo certbot --nginx -d <domain_name>

Finally, note that the image currently ships with NetBox v2.10.4. If you’re reading this well after the published date and want to upgrade to the most recent NetBox release, do the following:

cd /opt/netbox
sudo git pull origin master

That’s all there is to it! If you get stuck with anything, be sure to check the NetBox documentation. And if you’re considering deploying NetBox as your organization and interested in commercial support, just let us know how we can help!